How for-profit health insurers are trying to tackle the housing crisis

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Forbes

The healthcare sector is ever-evolving, and over the last few years the largest for-profit healthcare organizations in the U.S. have tried to make a dent in the housing crisis. They have done so in part because it is the right thing to do; but, as with most other business decisions, these investments have to make financial sense. So for our latest article for Forbes, we talked with two healthcare executives — John Barger from Humana and Andy McMahon from UnitedHealth Group — whose companies are taking major, impactful steps toward real, lasting solutions for our country’s housing crisis. 

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Here’s a few short snippets from the article:

  • Here’s the key, the healthcare industry must find, and is currently seeking ways for multiple companies to work together. In the health insurance business, for instance, it is disadvantageous for Humana, by itself, to make the investment that improves someone’s housing situation if the financial return on that investment will accrue to another health insurance company.
  • “I don’t want this to be Humana against United or Humana against Aetna. I want us to roll up our sleeves and start problem-solving together.” – John Barger, the head of Medicaid for Humana
  • “The leaders at UnitedHealth understand the inseparable link between income, housing, and health. In areas where UHG serves patients, its costs for care actually decrease when the residents have a safe, stable home to live in. By investing in its patients’ housing and other related needs, UnitedHealth stands to improve its bottom line while ensuring better health outcomes for its ‘customers.” – Andy McMahon, Vice President of Community Engagement and Investment at UnitedHealth Group