We are a private investment group that invests in


Omicelo defines SustainAbility as:

Humanity’s genuine ability to safeguard and increase access to quality healthcare, viable housing, wealth creation opportunities, and a thriving environment.

Oakwell offers sustainability management and real estate optimization services for the healthcare industry. Oakwell was founded in partnership with Boston Medical Center Health System.

Havenside exists to improve the health, safety, and appearance of the home environment. Havenside provides home improvement, modification, and maintenance services to families and patients. 

Mission + Vision


Omicelo exists to make strategic investments that directly increase the SustainAbility of humanity.


By 2035, Omicelo will empower our portfolio companies and strategic relationships to directly impact the lives of one million people.

We are Passionate About our Core Values

Trust is Our Currency

We are committed to our fiduciary responsibilities and to conducting ourselves with sincere integrity – doing what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. This commitment to integrity anchors the trust that we foster between internal teammates as well as between Omicelo and its partners and portfolio companies. This trust is the currency that our firm will draw on to sustain and grow.

We Win With Strong Partnerships

Our success depends on mutually beneficial partnerships within our team, with our partners, and with our portfolio companies. We create an atmosphere where teamwork is celebrated, and we ensure that our incentives are aligned with our partners and portfolio companies.

Diversity is Our Strategic Advantage

The diverse collective of life and professional experiences that we curate when we build teams is our strategic advantage. We value this diversity much more than any one individual’s unique experience. Our purposeful learning approach multiplies each teammate’s problem-solving capability, saves us time, and preserves our capital for more impactful usage. Ultimately, we are not the same; we are different and aligned.

We Multiply Impact Through Innovation

We employ a differentiated underwriting approach that weighs three factors equally when making investments: mission alignment, scalability, and economic viability. To do this well, we expend significant energy creating the quickest path for accurate information to flow throughout Omicelo. Making the best, information-rich decisions at the optimum time grows our ability to meet our mission exponentially.

Investment Approach

Mission Alignment

Omicelo employs a ‘missional radar’ to identify and collaborate with scalable, mission-aligned SustainAbility stakeholders.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

Omicelo is committed to evidence-based decision-making, using intensive data and research to scale returns in SustainAbility.

Financial Innovation

Omicelo attracts private market investors, fund managers, corporations, health systems, and government agencies to realize competitive financial returns while advancing SustainAbility.

Transparent Accountability

Omicelo is forthright in our investment processes, financial reporting, and initiative outcomes submitting to the highest level of accountability to all stakeholders.


Joshua Pollard

Managing Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Joshua is the founder and CEO of Omicelo, a private investment group making strategic investments that directly increase access to quality healthcare, viable housing, wealth creation opportunities, and a thriving environment – a theme that Omicelo defines as SustainAbility. Prior to founding Omicelo, Joshua led Goldman Sachs’ housing research team through the Great Recession and was a critical member of their universal research team covering real estate, alternative energy, and other global sectors. During his time at Goldman Sachs, Joshua led the research efforts of a $1 billion IPO and received numerous awards including being named to Forbes Magazine’s inaugural 30 under 30 list.

Kathleen Feeney

Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer

Kathy brings over 30 years of deep operational expertise to Omicelo as its Chief Operating Officer. With direct leadership experience spanning multiple industries, Omicelo and its portfolio companies benefit from Kathy’s decorated capability to scale businesses and navigate corporate challenges. Prior to joining the firm, Kathy led multiple financial services firms and managed an acquisitive legal consortium that grew from 3 law firms to 10 law firms and from 4 states to 26 states geographically. Kathy also spearheaded technology and policy efforts for Freddie Mac as an operational team member and subsequently as a board member of Freddie Mac’s National Advisory Group for At Risk Loans.

Jeffrey Wilde

Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey leads the integrated finance and data science efforts of Omicelo, a combination that sets Omicelo’s investment capabilities apart from other investment groups. Prior to joining the firm, Jeffrey was a Vice President at The Carlyle Group and the lead portfolio manager for two real estate funds in excess of $2 billion. He built proprietary economic predictive models using advanced statistical coding programs and acquired a unique combination of business skills to help companies scale alongside the finance acumen to lead accounting and reporting teams. Jeffrey also served as a Repo Trader at GMAC RFC Securities and a Quantitative Analyst for Corporate Executive Board before it was acquired by Gartner Inc.


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