We are a mission-driven private equity firm.

We found, fund and partner with companies in real estate,  healthcare, and sustainability that make the world a better place.

Mission + Vision

Our mission is to transform communities with the right mix of investments and resources.

Our vision is an Earth that looks a little more Heavenly than it did when we started the company.

We are Passionate About our Core Values


We are committed to finding the new best ways to solve big problems because the old best ways rarely benefit as many people as they could or should.


We are committed to fair and balanced partnerships because we believe no individual company, even our own, can solve big problems alone.


We are committed to honesty and integrity because we believe that trust between teammates, partners, allies, or anyone is paramount in achieving anything substantial.


We are committed to engaging a wide range of stakeholders in crafting big solutions because the best solutions will include understandings from multiple unique lived experiences.

Investment Thesis

Real Estate

Be a force behind the leading providers of customized capital solutions for real estate sponsors across the United States.

Real estate prices are 3-times as volatile as they were just one generation ago. That volatility creates unique, profitable opportunities on both sides of each real estate cycle for astute financiers, specialty service providers, and certain forthcoming technologies. Our investment strategy is to utilize our strategic positioning in the marketplace, our experienced team, and our robust partnerships to identify transformative corporate investment opportunities where our team, capital and technology unlock the opportunity to provide customized capital products within the real estate industry.


Be a force behind the healthcare industry’s “go-to” leaders during Care Anywhere transition it will experience over the next few decades.

The delivery of health care will happen where consumers want it and when consumers need it, a theme some call Care Anywhere. Our investment strategy is to fund the scalable technologies, products, and services that help the health care industry make profitable decisions during this major Care Anywhere transition. We believe that clinics, schools, retail settings, and homes will be the growing epicenters of healthcare. Care in these varied settings will further accelerate the healthcare industry’s adoption of the social determinants of health and broader mechanisms to pay for preventative care instead of reactive care. And over this multi-decade Care Anywhere journey the healthcare industry, which continues to consolidate, will simultaneously need to address the carbon and chemical footprints associated with their large real estate portfolios.


Be a force behind the leaders that will make the planet more sustainable.

A dramatic, multi-decade energy transition is underway. Countries are aggressively using fiscal policy to create the most competitive magnet for renewables investments including United States’ Inflation Reduction Act and the European Union’s Green Deal Industrial Plan. From a corporate perspective ESG and LCET efforts are being advanced as securities regulations and other mandatory pledges are forcing corporations to execute strategies that they are unfamiliar with. Omicelo will consolidate technologies and service providers that can either create or seamlessly connect to the winning sustainability ecosystems for businesses.


Joshua Pollard

Managing Partner, President & CEO

Joshua is the founder and CEO of Omicelo, a mission-driven private equity firm. Prior to founding Omicelo, Joshua led Goldman Sachs’ housing research efforts through the Great Recession from 2009 to 2013. Joshua spent the previous five years as a critical member of Goldman Sachs’ universal research team covering the real estate, alternative energy, and industrial sectors. During his time at Goldman Sachs, Joshua led the $1 billion IPO of Anywhere Real Estate and received numerous awards including being named to Forbes Magazine’s inaugural 30 under 30 list. Between his time at Goldman Sachs and founding Omicelo, Joshua was responsible for a $100 million portfolio of real estate securities at Pine River Capital Management. Joshua is a contributor to Forbes on real estate, healthcare and wealth building.

Jeffrey Wilde

Managing Partner, CIO

Jeffrey leads our investment and research activities. He formerly served as a Vice President at The Carlyle Group and was the lead portfolio manager for two real estate funds in excess of $2 billion. He built proprietary economic predictive models using advanced statistical coding programs. Jeffrey also served as a Repo Trader at GMAC RFC Securities and a Quantitative Analyst for Corporate Executive Board (now Gartner). He currently serves on the board of directors of an education-focused nonprofit.

Kathleen Feeney

Managing Partner, COO

Kathleen brings over 30 years of mortgage expertise as a leader in non-performing loan acquisitions and servicing. Kathy formerly spearheaded policy and technology at Freddie Mac, Claims Recovery Financial Services, and other organizations. She continues to serve as the Executive Advisor of Housing Initiatives at Military Warriors Support Foundation, a nonprofit which has provided mortgage-free homes to over 800 veterans.


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